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My Dog has the best life...

I wish she'd pay the bills for a while! Technorati Tags: Dog, Pet

Binding in XAML sux!

It appears there is no ‘real’ implementation for formatting or any ‘expressions’ in the binding syntax for XAML.  What a POS! In order to format dates when binding in XAML I had to… Create a implementation of IValueConverter  :    public class ShortDateFormatConverter : IVal... [More]

SilverlightShow - Silverlight Community Site

  SilverlightShow - Silverlight Community Technorati Tags: SilverLight, WPF, XAML

Wow! 64 core proc

  A buddy just mentioned this to me...I think I'm in shock right now!  Check it out. Tilera Corporation Technorati Tags: Computers, Technology, Processor, CPU, Hardware

Quickie How-To for basic usage of xml datatype in SQL2K5

This was from an email I sent to some peeps for a quickie how-to...I was told that this kind of junk was worth posting on a blog.  Of course I want to do my part in cluttering up the world... DECLARE @x as xml SET @x = '<test att="1">      &n... [More]